About Lesson


Boxing for Everyone!

My intention is for "you" to achieve your goals. All levels, all ages. Men, women and children. Minju's FIGHT CLUB is planed based on your individual goals such as weight loss, toning, focus improvement, core strengthening, rehabilitation, preparation for amateur/professional fights, for acting, etc. You will be happy with your result.


Real Boxing, Not "Boxercise"

Minju's FIGHT CLUB is planned the way professional boxers train. We will mainly focus on boxing skills and core strengthening exercises. 

During the lesson, we will work on jump ropes, shadow boxing, mitt drills, heavy bags, speed bags, etc. Beginners will learn basic boxing skills such as standing form, basic punching forms, basic combinations and basic defensive skills. The experienced will learn advanced combinations, advanced defensive skills, counter punching skills, etc. 


Team Work

Minju's FIGHT CLUB is a team. Even though individual boxing sessions are the main part of Minju's FIGHT CLUB, it's not jut that. Again, it's a team. Among members, we support one another, we talk to one another, we hang out together, we make special connections. This is something our social media generation is missing. You're more than welcome to join us. So, why wait? 

About Trainer Minju Shin

Minju "the Last Samurai" Shin

 Minju's FIGHT CLUB is  instructed by former professional boxer Minju "the Last Samurai" Shin. 

Minju was born and raised in Japan.  In 2008, after he graduated Kansai University(*関西大学)in Japan with a law degree, he made a big decision to move to the U.S.. He pursued boxing career for years under well known boxing coach Eric Brown's instruction. In 2014, he successfully made his victorious professional debut. After having several major injuries, he decided to take a break from competition. 

That was when Minju started his career as a boxing trainer. Now he hosts private boxing lesson in Hollywood. He loves to see his clients improving their skills, physical strengths and confidence, and more than anything, he loves to see happy faces of clients.  

Training Method


Out of respect for boxing, in Minju's FIGHT CLUB,  he only teaches "professional style boxing", which means real boxing, not the "boxercise" which is admittedly popular nowadays. To be specific, training proceeds during 3 minute rounds(about 10-15 rounds) separated by 30 second breaks. Minju will teach you how professional boxers stand, step, throw punches, throw combinations, defend them selves and throw counter punches. 
Minju's teaching method also includes core strength exercise. Recent year, Minju learned that some people learn these skills and even utilize them very quickly but others take a long time to learn. He wondered. He even doubted his teaching skills. But he realized what the problem was. The key was core strength. He realized that core strength is the very fundamental of boxing.(*refer to chapter "core strength and boxing")